God Is Calling His People To Be Night Watchmen

Lamentations 2:19 NKJV[19] “Arise, cry out in the night, At the beginning of the watches; Pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord. Lift your hands toward Him For the life of your young children, Who faint from hunger at the…

The Time Has Come To Make Your Choice

In these last days, as we continually see all sorts of violence, hatred, pain, and suffering…As we see things in the news that we never thought possible…Here’s what you need to know:THE CHURCH NEED NOT WORRY! Let me rephrase that…THE REAL PEOPLE OF GOD WHO…

Night Watchman Prayer 9-15-2020

Push back the darkness over my town, over my city, over my state, and over my nation. Where the enemy seeks to steal, kill, and destroy…come and bring life! For those who are bound by the life of sin and shame, grant repentance and deliverance.Lord,…

Seek The Lord BEFORE The Storm

God is calling out to his people.There is a preparation taking place.There is a moving and shifting taking place. Those who love God and know him, are doing something in this present moment. They are building for themselves a place of intimacy with God.Seeking him.Looking…

Never Forget What Happened

Never forget. Never forget what happened that day. It seemed like the world was going to end, and we found it impossible to stop looking at the images. The nation didn’t know what to expect next.Would there be more?Was this the end? People began to…

Night Watchman Prayer 9-11-2020

Lord God, let our hearts be broken again.Let us fall in the altars again, crying out for you to spare us. Spare our nation.Spare your people. Give us hungry hearts that will seek your face with everything inside of us. Lord, let a spirit of…

We Must Push Against The Demonic Darkness Of Abortion

To say that God stands and looks away as millions of babies have their lives and futures stripped away from them, is utter nonsense.
God sees.
God hears their cry from within the womb.
God knows the plans he has for them, though they are yet unborn and unrealized.

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