God Is Calling His People To Delay The Decay In America

While listening to a podcast, I came across a statement that resonated with my spirit. The speaker used this phrase, delay the decay. For many people, those outside of the current hotspots of trouble and unrest, there doesn’t seem to be too much need of…

The Lord Is Not Passive In This Hour…He Is Preparing A Harvest

There is a ripening process happening right in front of us. God is preparing the harvest.He is ripening the fruit.He is preparing the reapers. With long suffering he waits for the precious fruit to be formed and mature.The conditions are becoming conducive to a move…

The Time Will Come When They Will Not Endure Sound Doctrine

The problem is not that the world and the culture don’t believe the truths of the Bible, they never have; but the problem is that Christians…believers…those who once were close to Jesus are now trading the truth for the ideas, beliefs, and stance of the world.

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