Now Is The Time To Rise Up And Be A Bold Lion For God

The Lord continues to push messages into my heart like never before.Messages, I believe, designed to prepare people for what is COMING. We have to be ready.We have to be strong.We have to be prepared.We have to be resilient, flexible, and stretchable.We have to be…


Your Church Needs You NOW more than ever

Christians… Believers… Jesus followers… Right now is not the time to stop attending church. The return of Jesus is so, so close. We need to be ready NOW more than ever! As people drop off by droves and quit doing the things they’ve always done…


It’s Time For Remnant Prayer Warriors To Rise

God is calling people to pray. It is a time where the Spirit of the Lord is trying to move upon the church for something very specific.God wants and needs, and desires that people would not only pray for themselves, and their wants and desires,…

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