Refusing To Pivot: Praying And Standing For The Most Defenseless Among Us

The time has come for the church to rise, to stand, to unify, unwavering, and unswerving, for the biblical values and definitions of life which we deeply affirm. There is a press from culture and from the governing authorities, that would lead us to back…

Call for LIFE in the dead things through prayer

The Lord says…“I’m calling you to stretch yourself over the dead things in your life, over the dead things in your community, over the dead things in your family and in your nation, and call those things back to LIFE through prayer.” Prayer is a…

Pray For The Will Of God And Vote

Vote life.Vote for biblical standards.Vote for those who enable and support the values of the Bible.Life is the primary issue. A Christian cannot vote for a person who supports the senseless and violent killing of children. Abortion is wrong. (Click the link for more of…

We Must Push Against The Demonic Darkness Of Abortion

To say that God stands and looks away as millions of babies have their lives and futures stripped away from them, is utter nonsense.
God sees.
God hears their cry from within the womb.
God knows the plans he has for them, though they are yet unborn and unrealized.

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